Testimonial: “Our Independent Expert Panel recognised Enduro Rubber Mulch as a simple, effective and long lasting solution to retaining water around the garden”. “At the same time it is providing a recycling solution for tyres past their principal use, which is a major issue for our community.” Julian Gray, CEO of the Smart WaterMark


Enduro Rubber Mulch are the ONLY rubber mulch products in Australia to carry save water certifications issued after intense scrutiny by Australia’s official save water organisations and thier leading panel of scientists and judges. Enduro Rubber Mulch now carries TWO of the nations leading credentials;

  • Smart Approved Watermark AND the
  • 2010 Save Water Finalist stamp of approval (judged from 1200 applications). 

Tests and Certification

We have have a variety of testing and Australian Standard (our Enduro Kidsafe Playground mulch) certification on our products regarding;

  • flammability,
  • health
  • eco friendly and water saving
  • environmental issues
  • toxicity and
  • general suitability of the product.

This information is being updated regularly so feel free to contact us for the latest information.

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Industry Awards & Links

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