Utilising Rubber mulch in the garden has many benefits over normal garden mulch. The problem with wood chips garden mulch is that it attracts termites, only lasts 6 months and sets you up for a continuous repurchasing of the mulch. Over a 10 year period you would need to buy your wood chip garden mulch 20 times.

Contrasting with that is Rubber Mulch. The benefits of rubber mulch are as follows:-

  • You only buy the mulch once as it will last 10-20 years
  • You can choose a colour to suit your house and garden area
  • It keeps in moisture which saves on water bills
  • It never fades
  • Environmentally friendly recycling of materials
  • Non-Toxic
  • Portable if you move house (Rake it up and take it with you!)
  • Low cost compared* to convential mulch (above is a Council indicative calc only, apply your own rates as per your region)
  • Doesn’t attract house eating insects

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 Rubber Mulch Garden Colours