Enduro Rubber Mulch is useful in many garden situations with the main benefit being that it retains significantly more water than traditional organic mulch water, as certified by our two water-saving related awards:




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  * Made from 100% recycled tires
  * Environmentally safe & sensitive (save the forest)
  * All colors are non-toxic, HAPS-free & non-staining
  * Non toxic to children, pets or animals
  * Will not attract termites or Insects like other mulches
  * Saves time and money eliminating annual mulching
  * Lasts For Years (will not rot or decay)
  * Long-lasting vibrant colors look great year after year
  * Heavier and more durable than other mulch materials
  * Will not float away in heavy rain or blow away with the wind
  * Acts as a weed barrier with a 2" or greater application
  * Helps retain vital moisture in the ground
  * Excellent drainage for use around plants and flowerbeds
  * Colors resist fading, decomposition and leaching

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