Awards & FAQ’s

Why choose Enduro Rubber Mulch?
There are many factors yet some key undisputeable facts are;

  • Enduro recycled rubber products have been independently tested to verify a range of water saving, safety and playground factors. 
  • Enduro Rubber Mulch products carry not one, but two credentials that have been officially awarded after intense assessment by two of the nation’s leading bodies and their panel of judges and scrutineers.
    • Smart WaterMark
    • 2010 Savewater Finalist trademark
  • Enduro Kidsafe Playground Softfill is compliant with Australian Standards.


Are the Enduro recycled rubber products well researched, proven, tried and tested?
Yes! In addition to our own scientific, compliance and certification processes and testing, there are numerous tests and white papers published in the USA over the last 10 to 12 years and across several European countries. The papers cover many areas relating to rubber mulch including history, toxicity, ingestion, flammability and environmental and social impact. 

Is Enduro Rubber Mulch flammable?
Like any material care should be taken when fire or flame is involved. Australian and U.S. tests report rubber mulch is non-flammable and are easily extinguished after a flame was applied during the testing.

How is shock-absorption determined?
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Testing Company, and the State of Illinois, among
numerous state and federal agencies, independent laboratories and licensed testing companies have conducted
various tests designed to measure the shock-absorption of various surface materials as they relate to falling

Tyre rubber shreds have been shown to consistently absorb more shock impact than any other standard surface
material.  This is particularly important for playgrounds and in relation to aged care applications of recycled rubber, to minimise the impact of falls.

Is there any steel content in Enduro Rubber Mulch?
No. Enduro Rubber Mulch shreds are 3cm which is smaller than most others. The smaller the shred, the less likely they are to
contain embedded steel wire. To ensure that all wire is removed, Enduro Rubber Mulch shreds pass through three
state-of-the-art magnets during the manufacturing process. This extra attention ensures no steel content and as a result we guarantee that Enduro Rubber Mulch is 99.9% steel-free.

Will Enduro Rubber Mulch crumble, disintegrate or decompose?

No. Enduro Rubber Mulch shreds are made from 100% recycled tyre rubber. All tyres are made of vulcanized rubber.
The vulcanizing process makes the rubber literally indestructible.

Does Rubber Mulch blow or wash away?
No. Enduro Rubber Mulch shreds are too heavy to be significantly affected by normal high winds or heavy rains.

Does Rubber Mulch fade?
No. Carbon black is a pigment which is an element in rubber tyres and is non-fading.

How should the play area be prepared?
We recommend the area be prepared ahead of time by clearing the ground of rocks, stumps and other debris,
then calculate an area surrounding the play equipment of 1.8m to 2.4m (commonly referred to as the "use"
or "fall zone").

Is Enduro Rubber Mulch Toxic?
No. A carrier solvent more efficient than water would be needed to extract toxic chemicals from tyre shreds in
quantity; and a suitable non-polar vehicle would be required to penetrate protective skin layers for significant
absorption. This was deemed implausible in a playground situation.

What are Terms & Conditions?
Please click on the link to read our T&C’s. Our T&C’s apply to all purchases be it a Distributor, trade, public or warehouse purchase of our products and services.