We are Australia’s #1 manufacturer and supplier of Australia’s leading Enduro brand chunky rubber garden mulch. It is also the only mulch to hold Australia’s esteemed Smart Approved Water Mark & the 2010 Savewater! awards® status.

Our Enduro Kid Safe Playground Softfill is also the only playground rubber softfill to comply to Australian Playground Standards.

Never compromise,…always ask for "Enduro" Chunky Garden Mulch and Enduro Kid Safe Playground Softfill
and get the most credentialled, tried, proven and The Original and Best Rubber Mulch™.

Our tried and proven quality assured recycled rubber products include black, coloured and various grades of mulch (in 12.5kg, 25kg bags, bulka bags and by container load), Chunky Garden and Kid Safe Playground Softfill, softfall, wetpour, pavers, matting and equestrian grade recycled rubber products.

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        100% recycled rubber